Automatic ETO Sterilizer

We are ETO sterilizer Specialist Manufacturer Providing Fully Automatic ETO Sterilizer, Automatic ETO Sterilizer Machine

  • Manufactured as per GMP norms.
  • Sterility assurance through automatic temperature control (± 3°C).
  • Accurate control of temperature, moisture vacuum, valves and all critical parameters.
  • PLC based automation with 6 pre-programmed cycles & additional user defined cycles.
  • Automatic aeration cycle at the end of process for ETO exhaust.
  • Operates on universally available 100% ETO cartridge.
  • Live display of phase status, current values, set values, temperature, pressure & humidity.
  • Current & previous reports can be printed through external printer/ internal printer.
Automatic ETO Sterilizer Automatic ETO Sterilizer
Automatic ETO Sterilizer Manufacturer Automatic ETO Sterilizer-5
Automatic ETO Sterilizer Exporter Automatic ETO Sterilizer-1
Automatic ETO Sterilizer Machine India Automatic ETO Sterilizer-2
Automatic ETO Sterilizer Machine Automatic ETO Sterilizer-3
Automatic ETO Sterilizer Exporter Automatic ETO Sterilizer-4
Chamber (W x H x D) (inch) Cuft Liter Floor Space (W x D) (inch)
12 x 12 x 24 2.00 55 6’ x 8’
12 x 12 x 48 4.00 110 6’ x 10’
18 x 18 x 36 6.70 190 8’ x 10’
18 x 18 x 48 8.82 250 8’ x 12’

Safety Features of Automatic ETO Sterilizer

  • ETO cartridge punctured only in negative pressure & humidity conditions.
  • Chamber fabricated with heavy duty SS 304/ SS 316.
  • Glass wool insulation.
  • Password protection to avoid unauthorized access.
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