Pass Box

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Pass box is used for material transfer from one Clean room to another clean room. It consists of a rectangular box with two doors. The two doors are interlocked such that two doors cannot be open at the same time, to prevent pressure losses and cross contamination. Our Pass Box controller achieve this by preventing simultaneous access of door by ensuring that when one door for a Pass box is open then other door is closed.

  • When Door 1 is opened the display on the Door 2 will indicate “WAIT” and at the Door 1 the display will indicate “Door Open”
  • When any of the Door is kept open beyond a particular time say 2 min, a buzzer will be blown and the display at the doors will indicate “Close Door”
  • When any door is opened the CF lamp is switched on, and the UV lamp will be switched off.
  • Both Doors are provided with Electromagnetic Locks

pass box manufacturers in ahmedabad Pass-Box
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