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Experience the improved technique of dry heat sterilization with “Map Industries”, a leading manufacturer and supplier of dry heat sterilizers based in Gujarat, India. Dry heat sterilizers offered by us comply with Quality Assurance procedures, which necessitate validation that dry heat sterilization has been accomplished accurately. These machines are available at competitive prices with a variety of alternatives and accessories. Since we have in-house manufacturing of dry heat sterilizers, and dry heat sterilization equipment, we offer a wide range of customization facilities to our valuable customers to make their work easier and ensure the finest performance and consumer flexibility in the most challenging conditions.


  • Dry Heat Sterilizer used for Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Food Industries, Research Laboratories, etc…
  • They are designed for Safe & Efficient Sterilization – Depyrogenation of Ampoules & Vials, Rubber Stoppers, Medical Powder, Tablets, Production Equipment, etc…
  • The Process destroys all Micro-Organisms and does not cause any environmental Pollution or inconvenience to humans.
  • Compared with Steam, Dry Heat is greener technologies that eliminates water usage, provides more flexibility for installation locations and costs less to own and operate.
  • The Sterilizer is normally suitable to operate in temperature range of 160 °C – 180 °C to 250 °C / 270 °C.


  • The Chamber is constructed for SS 316 is having taper to achieve proper air circulation in Sterilizer. All inside Contact Parts are of Stainless Steel.
  • The Chamber has Glass Wool Insulation & it is covered with Stainless Steel outer cover. This will reduce external unit temperature.
  • The Sterilizer is supplied with Single Door or Double Doors made of 304/316 S.S.
  • For Operation, Control and Data acquisition a PLC is provided. HMI facilities interface between Operator & Equipment. PC & Printer can be connected directly to the control system.
  • Hepa Filters are installed in the fresh Air, Recirculation and exhaust Module.
  • A Complete range of Carriages, Transfer Trolleys to simplify handling, wire baskets, trays, plates and other relevant accessories are supplied depending on the application.

As per you need, we offer many chamber dimensions designed for special requirements.

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