CSSD Disposable Items

Map Industries is one of the leading CSSD disposable items manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Ahmedabad. Sterilization of medical equipment plays a major role in healthcare centers in protecting chronic infections. In early times, it was very difficult to sterilize medical instruments and devices used in surgeries and operation theaters, but with the emergence of central sterile supply departments in hospitals, it has become easy to disinfect instruments and disposables used in the treatments. Therefore, we manufacture and serve equipment such as automatic ETO sterilizers, ultrasonic washers, pass boxes, foggers, industrial autoclaves, fully automatic autoclave bung processors, dry heat sterilizers, and others used in central sterile supply departments. These CSSD disposable items are used in all types of healthcare treatments.

All of our products are designed to meet the disinfection requirements of health care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and medical laboratories. Our CSSD components are 100% disposable. These components are available in different specifications, and we use international quality standards for fabrication. Our CSSD disposable times are safe, secure, and reliable as our professionals check the quality before delivering to our valuable patrons.

cssd turnkey solution cssd turnkey solution
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