Fully Automatic Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer 60 Liters

Sr. Item Description
1 Inner Seal (Chamber) SS 304L Thickness: 5mm
2 Chamber Operating Pressure Negative pressure cycle
3 Chamber Testing Pressure 1.5 Kg/cm2
4 Single Door SS 304L Thickness: 10mm
5 Gasket Silicon Gasket (10/12 mm solid section)
6 Steam Generator SS 316L Thickness: 3mm
7 Outer cover Factory Finished (Poly-coated) MS
8 Heating SS 316L Heaters on all sides of the Chamber for uniform heating throughout the load.
9 Temp Sensor For accurate measuring and controlling of Temp. in the chamber
10 Operating Temp Maximum: 45°C to 55°C (chamber)

(1) Medium Cycle: 35°C to 45°C

(2) Cool Cycle: 35°C to 40°C

(3) Hot Cycle: 48°C to 55°C

11 RH% Sensor For measuring and controlling the humidity of the chamber
12 Pressure Transmitter For measuring and controlling the pressure-vacuum that the load is subjected to during

removal and charging of Gas.

13 All fittings on the Machine SS 304
14 All Valves for Automation Teflon construction Pneumatic valves, operated by Comp. Air supply through Solenoid


15 Humidification Special Humidifier for the purpose of humidification of the load and heating of the gas.
16 Vacuum Vacuum created by Ventury system. (Make: Festo)
17 Automation Hardware PLC Make: Kinco HMI Make: Kinco
18 Process Reports with thermal printer Reports are generated by the software for each and every cycle in three formats, viz. (i)

Single page Summary report and (ii) Detailed Report

19 Testing Pressure / Vacuum testing as per specified standards. (1.5 times the working pressure)
20 Operation All functions are electro-pneumatically operated. Door closing is manual
21 Loading Trolley Fabricated with SS 304
22 Battery Backup UPS system will be provided for battery backup. If power failure it will usable for 20 minutes for continuous power supply.
23 Air Filter 0.2 micron air filter also provided with machine for fresh air.
Fully Automatic Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Fully-Automatic-Ethylene-Oxide-Sterilizer
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